Steven Lightfoot is currently the Technical Director of Product Development and Education for Peter Coppola Beauty as well as a Spokesperson/Platform Artist and Consultant for Hattori Hanzo Shears.


Steven is booking with limited availability in PDX and by appointment only for private clients nationwide. To book please call 503-206-6867 or email

SERVICES (Prices are for Portland Only)

Fringe Trim
Blowout and Style
$50 (FREE with cut and color service)
Evening or Event Styling
Highlights Foil or Balyage Starting Price
Single Process or Smudge
End Color or Pull Through
Straightening and Smoothing (Keratin or Japanese)
Keratin (Smoothing)
2 Hours (Avg. time)
Japanese (Permanent Straightening)
3.5 Hours (Avg. time)
Extensions and Custom clip in Hair Pieces
Price by consultation only. Please call.
Wedding, Event, or on Site Hair
By consultation only. Please call
Class Information and Options
Please call

Steven In Action

Steven is the official Beauty Expert on KATU Channel 2 in Portland Oregon was well as a Spokesperson and Artist for many professional hair care brands. From live on air interviews, major hair shows, fashion shows, product commercials and technical videos, here is some of his video work. Steven is available to help you accomplish your goals in the Beauty Industry as a Spokesperson or Product Development Consultant
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Steven Lightfoot is a Master Hair Stylist and Colorist who currently resides in Portland Oregon and frequently travels back and forth between New York City. Steven has had full clienteles and has worked with some of the best stylists in New York City, Seattle and Portland. He maintains a small private clientele in Portland and flies for his private clients around the country. Steven is a Product Development Expert and has helped create and steer some of the best hair care brands in the industry. His vast knowledge of product chemical formulation, hair appliances and hair education development has given the companies he works for the edge to create and manufacture the best possible tools and education programs for the professional stylist. Steven has been a long time Platform Artist and Creative Director and Spokesperson for many hair care companies, hair shows, fashion shows, educational videos, Live TV and the like. He is currently the Technical Director of Product Development and Education of Peter Coppola Beauty and Spokesperson/Platform Artist and Consultant for Hattori Hanzo Shears which takes him around the globe doing what he loves; Hair.


As soon as you are in Steven’s chair, all of his attention is completely focused on you.

- Krista Rodriguez, Client

Expert stylist Steven Lightfoot appears to have an innate ability to connect with his clients on an emotional level. “I just think the world of Steven,” states Broadway actress Melissa Vanderschyff. “I feel like he really listens to what I want, while offering so many of his own ideas. What is special about Steven is that he cares about the whole person, and can focus on so much more just the hair. He is a master of color! His work makes me feel confident, relaxed, and beautiful.”

“I want to make the hair that you have, the hair that you want,” states Lightfoot. “That’s why I do what I do. Everything else is completely secondary to the fact that every time someone sits down in my chair, they are going to get the best service possible.”

“I think Steven is just awesome. He came up with ideas I never would have thought of, and I completely trusted him,” states Jennifer Childs, AM Northwest model and mother of three. “I haven’t regretted changing my look for a minute.”

“I’ve been able to walk so many different areas of this business,” says Lightfoot. “If you sit down with a hairdresser, it’s somebody who does a lot of hair, and I’ve created the hair products that help those people to do it better. I teach the technique based education that takes them away from using their can of hair spray, and I show them how to maintain hair.”

“Steven is so easy to work with, and I felt like he really listened to me,” says Emily Pearlman, AM Northwest model and mother of two. “It was a great experience, and I really liked all the products that he was using.”

“I did 22 hair shows in 2012, and I’m slated to do 18 this year,” says Lightfoot. “This is the forefront of the industry, technologically and stylistically, and these are the major shows that dictate where the industry stands. I have been at all of them-every single one of them, from Texas to New York to LA. And they are so diverse, this country is so vast. Texas doesn’t dress like Seattle, let alone have the same hair.”

“Steven has done my hair for years, from London, to Portland, to New York, and all over the world,” states Carolyn Jackson. “He is just great. Every time he does my hair people ask me, ‘Who? Who has done your hair, and how can I find him?’”

“As soon as you are in Steven’s chair, all of his attention is completely focused on you,” states AM Northwest model Krista Rodriguez. “He becomes dedicated to making sure that you will be 100% satisfied with your look when you get up. He actually takes the time to learn about his clients, and to gauge what their day to day life is like. He is smart enough to look at the big picture, and to create a hairstyle that won’t be a burden to maintain. Steven is a true artist, and he takes his craft very seriously. He is so excited about what he does, and so lucky to be able to do what makes him happy.”

“I think Steven is super talented. He’s really good with people, he’s really good with hair, and he does great work,” says Tamara English, International Artist. “One thing that I really respect about Steven is not just that he listens, but that he is really passionate about what he does. As an artist, I need to be visually pleasing. It means so much to me that my hairstylist really comes through!”


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